[2011] Spiritual State [Nujabes] ''FLAC''

Spiritual State

This is definitely some of the best music I've ever listened to. DJ's like Nujabes pull out my favorite type of beats. Smooth and jazzy hip hop. And doing collabs with guys like Shing02 and Funky DL. Hyde Out Productions FTW! Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something to listen to while chilling or cruising.

Genre : Chill Out., Instrumental Hip-Hop, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Jazz Rap, Lounge, 
Quality : FLAC

[2000] Sega Game Music Vol.1 [Hiro & Tokuhiko Uwabo] ''FLAC''

Sega Game Music Vol.1

Sega Game Music Vol. 1 (セガ・ゲーム・ミュージック Vol.1) is a collection of music from Sega games, and the first in the "Sega Game Music" series. This volume focuses on OutRun, Space Harrier and Alex Kidd in Miracle World. It was originally released in 1986 in CD, audio cassette and vinyl formats, and was re-released on CD in 2000.

Genre : Game Soundtrack, Retro, Chiptune, Fusion, Electronic, 
Quality : FLAC

Just play this song and you will know what kind of album is this...

[2006/07] Persona 3/Fes Soundtrack [Shoji Meguro] ''FLAC''

Persona 3

Persona 3' has one of the best soundtracks every put to a video game. The combination of rock, hip-hop, electronic, and jazz -- with the simply perfect touch of cinematic orchestral moments thrown in -- is irresistible. While the tracks on the CD do rely on quite a bit of looping, I never found it to be an issue in the game and subsequent listening experiences haven't ruined the love I have for this soundtrack: one of the best out there.

Genre : Game Soundtrack
Quality : FLAC

Persona 3 FES

This CD only contains the new music added in the FES edition of Persona 3, there was still some good stuff to be found. Namely the Opening Trailer song, which is pretty good. There is also the boss music for the final boss in The Answer, which is eerily enjoyable.

Genre : Game Sountrack
Quality : FLAC

[2002] After the Playboy Mansion [Mixed By Dimitri from Paris] ''FLAC''

After the Playboy Mansion

Dimtri returns with two discs of slamming french house and his secret re-edits of old disco tunes to keep the party going once the playboy mansion is over. digging through a bazillion dusty crates, dim pulls together a slew of rare tracks and puts them together on two separate cds: laidback and uplifting. the laidback disc is just that: laidback. meandering through breaks, hip-hop, and house - dimitri combines the smooth disco sounds that he's known for with a near perfect mix of tracks that really just make you want to relax. the uplifting mix is a grouping of uptempo house tracks that will certainly keep the party going into the afterhours, with not only great 4/4 action, but with themes that make you smile and grind a little closer to the person you are dancing with, or just cut loose on your own. it doesn't matter when it's that late - it just makes sense. this album will be enjoyed by fans of night at the playboy mansion or people who have enjoyed disco in the past for the new disco. it's nothing new from dimitri, but it's all about keeping the party going.

Genre : ClassicHouse, ClassicHouse, Dance, Electronic, Gapul, House, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Disco, 
Quality : FLAC

[2007] Hydeout Productions (Second Collection) [Nujabes] ''FLAC''

Hydeout Productions (Second Collection)

Nujabes (may he rest in peace) is my personal favorite japanese producer of all time. He has an eclectic tatse in music that combines elements from Jazz, Hip Hop, Experimental and Classical music into one. Althought this is titled as a Hydeout Production compilation, however it is essentially a Nujabes album, he produced or co-produced nearly all 14 tracks with the exception of "Windspeaks" which was entirely produced by Nujabes very close friend Uyama Hiroto.

Genre : Hip-Hop, Jazz-Rap, Instrumental Hip-Hop.
Quality : FLAC

[2013] Adventures [Dandy Teru] ''FLAC''


Adventures has a hip-hop vibe, but is far from being a strictly rap album. It feels like lounge music.n Something that could be played in a coffee shop. A coffee shop that is aimed at a younger crowd who wants a bit of rap and house mixed in with their nu-jazz and soul. Unfortunately, background lounge music might be the maximum potential for Dandy Teru’s Adventures. While he shows an ability to sequence records and guide a collection of artists down a similar path, the music lacks an x-factor to jump out and grab the listener. The beats generally don’t have much progression and are at best relaxing. Don’t expect a Madlib-type relaxation where the melodies at the same time take your mind to another state of consciousness. This music is kind of just there.

Genre : Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Electronic,
Quality : FLAC

You can listen or buy this album here : 

[2015] Runts [The Death Of Pop] ''FLAC''


CD compilation album, tracks released in 2013 and 2014. 
‘The Death of Pop’ constantly releases music that makes me smile. I can’t really work out how they do it. Probably it’s a combination of beautiful melodies buried under the noise of tortured guitars and slice of life lyrics. New album ‘Runts’ is chocked full of all of these things, plus a lot more.
The track listing should be familiar to any fan of the band, as ten of the tracks were released on last year’s ‘Two Thousand and Thirteen’ compilation. These ten tracks have been extensively re-mastered and, not getting into techie territory, they sound totally different from their original incarnations. There is an urgency that was missing from the original. The remaining four tracks are brand new. ‘Can’t Be Blame’, ‘When We’re Awake’ and ‘Keep Me Guessing’ all previously unreleased, the last track is the original four track demo for ‘Kiss Me Quickly (Kill Me)’.

Genre : Rock, Indie.
Quality : FLAC

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[2014] Heaven [The Bilinda Butchers] ''FLAC''


The Bilinda Butchers "HEAVEN" is a soundtrack set to the diary by Nakajima Ume, a young woman who lived in Japan from 1836 to 1864. The diary's entries catalog her catastrophic marriage to a cruel nobleman, and her later introduction to a young, idealistic poet whose expressions of sympathy inspire her to escape from her unfortunate circumstances. When her friendship with the poet is discovered, Ume is sent away to a distant village, where she falls into a deep depression and eventually learns of the poet’s death. Though the news of the poet’s death initially disturbs Ume, she soon discovers within herself a new sense of clarity and motivation. Her diary ends with a final pronouncement: she will drown herself in order to reunite with her fallen lover. 
If you're a fan of M83, Wild Nothing, and Beach Fossils, you'll most likely enjoy it.

Genre : Rock, Shoegaze, Indie Pop
Quality : FLAC

You can listen or buy this album here : 

[1985] The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace

The famous lyrical rant of "Feel the wrath of my bombast" appears a couple of minutes into This Nation's Saving Grace and sums up the aesthetic and drive of this band. Frontman Mark E. Smith is quite the little ball of bile-spewing fury, and he spits out his disgust over the course of eleven grimy little numbers. The Fall was unlike a lot of their peers, though, and took the time to expand the UK punk sound in different ways than before. Other than the quick workouts of the early "Mansion" and "Bombast," these songs are almost all four, five (even six) minutes long. Most sneering snots today can't find the proclivity for extended rants anymore (its all close-fisted hate and short blitzkriegs), but Smith makes it all seem almost artistic. The art notion is boosted further by the synth-driven "L.A." and the layered pastiche of recordings on "Paint Work." Other strong moments include the raucous pogo punk of "Barmy," the somewhat gentler, Lust For Life-era Iggy Pop exercise in "My New House," and the aforementioned stomper, "Mansion." Some debate rages over whether this is the most essential Fall album, but it's almost certainly one of the best places to start getting into them.
Best cuts: "Barmy," "What You Need," "L.A." "My New House," "Bombast," "I Am Damo Suzuki," "Gut of the Quantifier"

Genre: Post-punk
Quality: FLAC

Paint Work

[2006] Various Artists - Breath of Fire OST Special Box

This boxset covers the classic Breath of Fire saga starting from the SNES incarnations up to Dragon Quarter for the PS2. Talk about a monster! This 11-CD boxset won't disappoint in the slightlest, the SNES versions sound beautiful but the excuse to upload this here is the PS1 OSTSs which in my humble opinion are the zenith of the saga. This release was limited to only 2000 copies and the reason why Capcom did a thing of this caliber is beyond any comprehension.
This is a true gem and if you enjoyed at least one of them it's worth having the whole thing.
I hope you enjoyed our PS1 JRPG week, stay tuned for our next special!


Genre: Game Soundtrack
Quality: FLAC

Men of War

[2000] Final Fantasy IX [Nobuo Uematsu] ''FLAC''

Final Fantasy IX

All of the Final Fantasy games have good soundtracks. Final Fantasy IX's soundtrack is probably the most catchy of them all though, with some VERY melodic upbeat and catchy pieces here. "Jesters of the Moon" will have you humming in no time, "The Village of Dali" theme is very peaceful, and "Vamo Alla Flamenco" is such a catchy piece with the spanish guitar added effect. It sets you in the lighthearted, fun mood that the game has.

This soundtrack comes with every piece from the game, all of the town, dungeon, world map and battle themes from the game. The first reviewer was says it leaves a lot of the songs out, it doesn't. If your into fun, and sometimes peaceful themes from anything, not necessarily just Video Games in general than you will love this group of cool theme music from this great game.

Genre : Game, Soundtrack.
Quality : FLAC

[1998] Yasunori Mitsuda - Xenogears OST

Xenogears has been considered by many to be the greatest RPG ever, and likewise, its soundtrack has been held to an equal level of esteem. Yasunori Mitsuda's talent considerably shows in this soundtrack, which is chock full of tracks, each harboring some new and original styles. Despite the fact that I originally obtained this soundtrack via a package deal, I'm incredibly glad that it found its way into my collection.
One thing that enthralls me about this soundtrack is Mitsuda's ability to musically invoke, within my mind, clear images from the game. Each track's style is so distinct that I am able to recall exactly which point in the game each one was used. I especially enjoyed the dark, foreboding feel of "Omen," the theme music of Xenogears' Babel Tower. The contrast of emotions displayed in the soundtrack are equally amazing. It includes tracks such as one of my favorites, "Solaris, Celestial Paradise," which is a quirky and lighthearted melody, but contrasts that emotion with one of tension and excitement, like that found in "Crimson Knight."
I'd recommend the Xenogears OST to anyone who is a fan of Mitsuda's style, because this soundtrack is most certainly his greatest achievement, and a great addition to any collection. Although fans who haven't played the game might not fully enjoy it, if you have played Xenogears, this soundtrack is certainly a must have. (Not to be confused with this arrangement album)

Genre: Game Soundtrack
Quality: FLAC

I am Alpha and Omega...

[1998] Yoko Shimomura - Parasite Eve OST

I remember first getting this album, not quite knowing what to expect, having heard that it was quite different from the more typical RPG-fare out there at the time. And upon first listen I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but after awhile it grew on me, A LOT.
I have a hard time describing the music on this soundtrack. Some tracks are so hauntingly beautiful that they rip my heart apart every time I listen to them, while others make me want to just get up and dance. I'm not a huge fan of techno music, but Shimomura really knows her stuff. It's her talent as a composer that adds so much to the music. Even the most repetitive of the compositions still have enough substance and style to keep you interested. I'm not saying that every track is good; there are quite a few that are VERY skippable. The biggest problem I have are the pieces that include Eve's highly annoying, pseudo-operatic voice synth. In the game it fits fine, but in stand alone pieces it doesn't work quite as well. I cannot begin tell you how much more enjoyable "Influence of Deep" or "Femme Fatales" would have been without it. But, all complaints aside, the good stuff more than outweighs any weaknesses in the soundtrack.
What I find most interesting about this album is how Shimomura combines the use of the traditional piano/classical opera with techno/rock based sounds. This combination really brings out the strong, yet vulnerable personality of Aya's character as well as the siren-like nature of Eve. Much of the urban setting of the game is conveyed and enhanced by the music as well. "Urban Noise" is a great example. I find it amazing how she is able to create the sound and feel of a city street through the use of different synthesized samples without using any real life sounds such as traffic, car horns, etc. One of the highlights of the soundtrack is the ending theme, "Somnia Memorias." It's an interesting mix of Latin and Spanish blended together with just the right amount of R&B, and a notable vocal performance, that captures the urban tone of the game perfectly. The lyrics are also well written and fit the story well.
Along with the original soundtracks, there were a few bonuses that deserve mention. Both "Se il Mio Amore Sta Vincino" and "Influence of the Deep" are arranged with a real opera vocalist, Judith Siirila, providing Eve's voice. I actually found these pieces to be quite enjoyable, much more so than the original songs themselves. Vincino sounds like a true opera perfomance should, but "Influence of Deep" is something else entirely. It's hard to imagine techno/dance music accented with operatic vocals, but the end result is really good. Finally, there's the "Main Theme Orchestra Version". I cannot begin to express in words how beautiful this arrangement is. Shimomura transforms the original theme into an orchestral masterpiece lasting nearly 8 minutes long, filled with so much emotion and drama that it almost brings tears to my eyes. It's one of the best piano pieces I've ever heard. Period.

Genre: Game Soundtrack
Quality: FLAC

This ain't voodoo stuff!