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As you can see this is a special post, reposting took a while but it's been worth it. Main reason for the dead links was Blargh's account being banned and that's why won't be posting albums for a bit, but I will. So there you have it, the rest of albums are up once again (there are 1 or 2 of them offline but they'll be back soon, don't worry), also one more thing, please don't forget to say ''thanks'' if you get any albums off here. Enjoy. 

Play this while checking out the list below : 

List : 

[1983] Zelda - Carnaval FLAC (before was Mp3)

[1985] Tom Waits - Rain Dogs FLAC (Now Japan Remaster)

[1969] Almendra - Almendra FLAC (Vinyl Rip)

[2003] Kenji Yamamoto - Metroid Prime OST (Working on it)

[1963-2012] The Beatles - Please Please Me FLAC (2012 Stereo Remaster- Before was Mono Version)

[1970-1978] Amon Düül II - Yeti FLAC (Now Vinyl Rip)

[1984] Cocteau Twins - Treasure FLAC (Now Vinyl Rip)

[1985] The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace (Working on it)

[1969] King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (For problems with copyright, this album will never uploaded again, really sorry...)

[2006] Mushishi Soundtrack [Toshiro Masuda] ''FLAC''


The soundtrack for Mushishi is a must have , if you are the type into soothing New Age type music.
It is a compilation of the episodes music, each episode had different music. Soothing Japanese instrumentals blending old Japanese traditional music with new sounds. Bells, flutes, drums are just some of the treats this soundtrack has to offer. If sound translated to color I would say it is a soothing green , like much of series itself.. Do yoga while listening, meditate, use it as relaxing background music just because. You can't go wrong with this one

Genre : New Age, Ambient, Soundtrack.
Quality : FLAC

[2001] +Bien Soundtrack [Gustavo Cerati] ''FLAC''


+ Bien es un album excelente, no solo porque es de Gustavo Cerati,sino porque la musica contenida en este cd es algo , en lo personal, sublime. Uno siente la esencia del mundo terrenal y celestial y a la vez el mundo de Cerati. el track PORCELANA es uno de mis favoritos junto con el ultimo track que le da titulo al film. album instrumental, un Cerati electronico, nada mal esta propuesta, siempre el artista busca esa evolución en cada jornada o viaje que emprende y Cerati lo hace cada vez que nos muestra un album nuevo, ya con este último (+ BIEN) ha demostrado que puede darnos más alegría y muchas emociones positivas a través de su musica.

Si eres fan de Cerati y te gusta toda propuesta musical, este album debe estar en tu coleccion, si estas estancado en el viejo cerati de antaño, mejor ni pierdas el tiempo, pues no lo entenderias

Genre : Movie Soundtrack, Ambient, Electronic.
Quality : FLAC

[1986] Green [Hiroshi Yoshimura] ''FLAC''


Well, this album is a uniquely quiet, calm and lyrical effort. All of the tunes have a rich (and smile inducing) vibe that is chill, and emotionally open. If you wanted a soundtrack to drift off into a reverie with, well, here you go. I've listened to this for decades, and it has held up terrifically. There are organic and unhurried synths, nature sounds, and lots of open space. Music for massage. Floating safe and warm. Transportation within, to the bus stop called "ahhhh".

Genre : New Age, Ambient.
Quality : FLAC

[2014] Freedom Of The Son [Uyama Hiroto] ''FLAC''

Freedom Of The Son

Love this album, play it front to back at the beginning of every study session. Packaging was crispy and arived on time, no complaints at all. The entire album is a continuous pleasure...

Genre : Instrumental Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Chillout, Ambient, Electronic, Jazz...
Quality : FLAC

[2017] Blade Runner 2049 [Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch] ''FLAC''

Blade Runner 2049

This past weekend I saw "Blade Runner 2049" in the theater (more on that later). If you have seen the original Blade Runner movie (released in 1982), you know that it features a brilliant electronic score, courtesy of the legendary Vangelis. The question was whether Vangelis would return for the long awaited sequel. As it turns out, he did not. In his stead, the producers engaged not one but two composers who know each other well: Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch. They have previously also combined for the score to "Hidden Figures" last year. And of course they are solo film composers in their own right, with Zimmer being one the top Hollywood composers of this generation--check out his brilliant score for the recent "Dunkirk" as but one example of his rich catalog.
"Let's imagine how Vangelis would've done this", seems to be the motto or process by which Zimmer and Wallfisch composed this score. In that sense, the music is quite derivative but no less exquisite. Check out "Her Eyes Were Green", a romantic, almost wistful tune. "Sea Wall", on the other hand, is a full-throttle and epic 10 min. composition that is out of this world. "Tears In the Rain" is credited to Zimmer & Wallfisch, but is clearly taken from/inspired by the song of same name from the 1982 soundtrack. Then comes "Blade Runner", a 10 min. mini-suite that in essence captures the many themes heard earlier in the movie. it runs over the movie's end titles. This collection ends with a song called "Almost Human", sung by Lauren Daigle. Please note: this song is NOT featured in the movie. Frankly, it is nowhere as good as the score, and it's easy to see why this was not included in the movie.
As to the movie itself, given the cult status of the 1982 movie, and the 35 year wait, could the new Blade Runner possibly deliver the goods and live up to expectations? As it turns out, YES and YES. Director Dennis Villeneuve delivers a masterpiece that is complex, brooding and epic, yet while staying true to the spirit of the 1982 original. If you are expecting an "action sci-fi", you will be sorely disappointed, as "Blade Runner 2049" is not for anyone in a hurry. I thought it was bloody brilliant. "Blade Runner" both the soundtrack and the movie, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Genre : Dark Ambient, Electronic, Soundtrack.
Quality : FLAC

[2011] Spiritual State [Nujabes] ''FLAC''

Spiritual State

This is definitely some of the best music I've ever listened to. DJ's like Nujabes pull out my favorite type of beats. Smooth and jazzy hip hop. And doing collabs with guys like Shing02 and Funky DL. Hyde Out Productions FTW! Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something to listen to while chilling or cruising.

Genre : Chill Out., Instrumental Hip-Hop, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Jazz Rap, Lounge, 
Quality : FLAC

[2000] Sega Game Music Vol.1 [Hiro & Tokuhiko Uwabo] ''FLAC''

Sega Game Music Vol.1

Sega Game Music Vol. 1 (セガ・ゲーム・ミュージック Vol.1) is a collection of music from Sega games, and the first in the "Sega Game Music" series. This volume focuses on OutRun, Space Harrier and Alex Kidd in Miracle World. It was originally released in 1986 in CD, audio cassette and vinyl formats, and was re-released on CD in 2000.

Genre : Game Soundtrack, Retro, Chiptune, Fusion, Electronic, 
Quality : FLAC

Just play this song and you will know what kind of album is this...

[2006/07] Persona 3/Fes Soundtrack [Shoji Meguro] ''FLAC''

Persona 3

Persona 3' has one of the best soundtracks every put to a video game. The combination of rock, hip-hop, electronic, and jazz -- with the simply perfect touch of cinematic orchestral moments thrown in -- is irresistible. While the tracks on the CD do rely on quite a bit of looping, I never found it to be an issue in the game and subsequent listening experiences haven't ruined the love I have for this soundtrack: one of the best out there.

Genre : Game Soundtrack
Quality : FLAC

Persona 3 FES

This CD only contains the new music added in the FES edition of Persona 3, there was still some good stuff to be found. Namely the Opening Trailer song, which is pretty good. There is also the boss music for the final boss in The Answer, which is eerily enjoyable.

Genre : Game Sountrack
Quality : FLAC

[2002] After the Playboy Mansion [Mixed By Dimitri from Paris] ''FLAC''

After the Playboy Mansion

Dimtri returns with two discs of slamming french house and his secret re-edits of old disco tunes to keep the party going once the playboy mansion is over. digging through a bazillion dusty crates, dim pulls together a slew of rare tracks and puts them together on two separate cds: laidback and uplifting. the laidback disc is just that: laidback. meandering through breaks, hip-hop, and house - dimitri combines the smooth disco sounds that he's known for with a near perfect mix of tracks that really just make you want to relax. the uplifting mix is a grouping of uptempo house tracks that will certainly keep the party going into the afterhours, with not only great 4/4 action, but with themes that make you smile and grind a little closer to the person you are dancing with, or just cut loose on your own. it doesn't matter when it's that late - it just makes sense. this album will be enjoyed by fans of night at the playboy mansion or people who have enjoyed disco in the past for the new disco. it's nothing new from dimitri, but it's all about keeping the party going.

Genre : ClassicHouse, ClassicHouse, Dance, Electronic, Gapul, House, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Disco, 
Quality : FLAC